Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to be joined by Mini at launch next week

surface pro 3 releaseIt has not really been a secret that we’re expecting to see the  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 launch this month, along with its smaller buddy the new Surface Mini tablet but more news adds weight to the rumours.

According to a recent report from The Verge, Microsoft will announce two new Surface tablets at a press event next week, the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Mini which has already popped up on Amazon.

Microsoft are holding a press event in New York next week on the May 20th which is related to Microsoft’s Surface tablets, although the company has yet to reveal any details on what they plan to announce.

The new Microsoft Surface tablets are rumored to come a new power optimised Intel Haswell processor.

The Verge spotted a reference to a ‘Surface Pro 3 camera’ on Microsoft’s support site, which gives more weight to the rumour that the new Surface Pro 3 will launch next week.

The Pro 3 is expected to use the latest processors from Intel and a 2K resolution screen. While this new tablet is only a rumor right now, fans of Surface here in the UK can now get your hands on the Surface Pro 2 with LTE. This tablet actually launched in the US a while ago and has only just now landed in the UK.

As soon as I hear more firm details about the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface Mini, including some actual pictures of each device, I’ll let you know.