Microsoft Store Plans Leaked – Pictures and Everything!

504x_microsoftstoreIf you’re curious as to what Microsoft’s new retail stores are going to look like wonder no more – Gizmodo has been passed a Powerpoint presentation that shows all the plans and designs.

The presentation is by Lippincott, a “design and brand strategy” consultant firm with extensive retail experience that it appears Microsoft has hired to help develop the store’s concept, principles, and design.

I have to agree with the Giz people as it does look like the real deal – either that or a bored design student deserves top marks because the Power Point includes research, plans and even rough store layouts.

The big M has basically swiped all the good stuff from the main flagship stores including the Apple Store and Sony Style.

The main focuses are going to be Windows 7, Xbox, PCTV (Windows Media Center) Surface and Windows Mobile, revolving around this concept customer they call “Emily,” who’s basically a younger version of your mum, since they make all the buying decisions.

Here are the highlights of the slides:

• There’s going to be a Digital Media Wall—a massive screen—that wraps around the entire store, which you can see in some of the slides
• Lots of Surface demos
• Stage areas for Windows 7, Windows Media Center (PCTV), Windows Mobile and netbooks
• Their take on the Genius Bar is the Answer Bar
• They’re already planning out huge demos and events around Project Natal and their secret mobile project Pink
• You can pay to have your birthday party at the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Shop could actually be more exciting than I thought it would be – there’s more slides over at Gizmodo and they’re worth checking out.

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