Microsoft Songsmith Takes on Garage Band

screenshot_styleMicrosoft has decided to take on Garageband!

Yup, the big M is launching an app to compete with Apple’s free music maker and it’s called Songsmith.

Big deal… might think. But this has a little twist.

All you have to do is warble into a microphone and the software will write the music to accompany you.

How clever!

It also has options to tweak the music style once you’ve recorded the vocals – by moving sliders you can make the composition more or less “happy” or “jazzy”.

More advanced users can tweak the individual notes, or add their own compositions, either using virtual instruments, or by recording from their own.

Microsoft has posted a number of videos online showing  Songsmith being played around with on an Apple MacBook Pro which, as we all know, comes with that Garageband installed for free.

It would also cost you around £160 for Windows XP, and £26 for Songsmith itself just to get it to run on that MacBook… if you have a MacBook would you bother with Songsmith?

Anyhooooo…………. Watch the vid below and/or download a free trial here and have a go.