Microsoft smartwatch will have more sensors than iWatch and work with all OS

microsoft watchWith all the major players looking to squirt out a smartwatch, Microsoft being one of them, the trick will be to offer something that none of the others does. How about cross-platform compatibility? That’s what’s promised by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s smartwatch has been rumored for a while and now that it has been recently confirmed as being in the works, the latest report is that it will play nice, no matter what operating system your other devices are running on. Well, Microsoft is all ready building Android and Windows devices these days aren’t they?

Also, in a game of one-upmanship, it looks as thought Microsoft intend to go one better than Apple’s upcoming iWatch which is said to pack 10 sensors inside; well, today’s report claims that the Microsoft smartwatch will have 11, and it will continuously monitor your heart rate, syncing all data to devices.

Engineers from the Kinect division have been working together with data scientists to optimise the sensors and create a comprehensive software platform.

Two interesting bits are mentioned regarding the wearable’s design: first, it will have the display will be placed inside the wrist (the report claims it is more natural, ergonomic, to check the watch that way), and second, it will not follow the current trend of smartwatches. Instead, it will have a longer form-factor, one that is elongated, much like the Nike Fuelband or Samsung’s Gear Fit.

Word is that all will become clear later in the year with October seeming to be the time when Microsoft will reveal the device and its “slick” interface.