Microsoft smartwatch practically official

windows smartwatchAccording to the interwebs a Microsoft Smartwatch should launch within the next few weeks, and now evidence to back that up has just been discovered.

A new Microsoft ‘mobile wireless device’ has been spotted at the FCC. Of course, that could point to it being a new tablet or even a phone except that the only radio the device features is a Bluetooth LE radio.

This means that the device, which has the model number 1619, cannot be a smartphone and is most likely to turn out to be their new smartwatch. It also means that it looks like’s watch is still the only one that will function by itself.

Microsoft are said to be focusing heavily on sports and fitness tracking with their new Microsoft Smartwatch, and it looks like the company intends to launch more than one version of the device. Well, if it’s good enough for Apple

windows wearablesThe size, spotted within the FCC filing, state that there will be small, medium and large versions of this new device, although the FCC only tested the large size device. That appears to be the only difference between the three devices.

It is going to be interesting to see what Microsoft has come up with for their new smartwatch with the device being expected to be compatible with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS as well as Microsoft’s own Windows Phone OS.

As soon as I get some official details about this new device from Microsoft I’ll be sure to let you know.