Microsoft smart watch coming from Xbox team

microsoft smart watchOk. Who was shocked when I reported that Microsoft was working on a smart watch? Anyone? No? What is interesting though is that the watch will be coming from the Xbox team.

According to rumours, Microsoft’s smart watch will be developed by the same folk who are responsible for the Kinect and Xbox accessories.

Microsoft has apparently just put in a order for a bunch of 1.5-inch displays for use in the watch too. The watch will be touch-capable, of course, but other than that details are, naturally, quite thin in the ground.

Apparently the watch has a five-pin connector just like the one on the Surface, capable of transmitting both data and power. The watch is only a prototype at the moment though, so that could just be for debugging.

As the smart watch will be coming from the Xbox team it would be daft for it not to come packing Microsoft’s SmartGlass tech and sit comfortably in the Xbox device ecosystem.

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