Microsoft ready to quadruple the price of Windows 8

windows 8Still trying to decide whether or not to move over to Windows 8? best get your skates on before Microsoft bump the price up by 400%!

The new touch-friendly, tile-based operating system from Microsoft has only seen about 39% of people planning to upgrade to Windows 8.

Microsoft has announced its introductory offer will end on February 1st. From then on, in the US, instead of costing $40 to upgrade to Windows 8, it’ll set you back $120, or $200 for Windows 8 Pro 😮

They haven’t released the UK prices but I am sure it will follow suit. That would mean that Windows 8 Pro in the UK will jump from £25 to about £125. Zoinks!

So if you haven’t upgraded yet but intend to do so, you’d better get downloading.

Are you tempted by the quicker log-in and boot-up times, and the ability to sync between your PC and tablet?

Fujitsu has apparently suffered a slump in sales of computers running the operating system, too, and blames it on the fact Microsoft’s OS is “weak”. Add that Acer has also taken a swing at the big M saying it doesn’t stand a chance against Apple, it hasn’t exactly been plain sailing for Windows 8.

On the other hand, Microsoft says it’s sold 60 million copies of the operating system, while sales of its Surface RT tablet have been “modest”.

Does anyone else think that the price hike isn’t going attract people?

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