Microsoft Pink Phones Being Outed on Monday

pics from Gizmodo
Here we go again with a strategy that used to be seen utilised in Formula 1 pit stops.

Microsoft are to stage an event scheduled to take place on April 12 – a mere four days after Apple unveils its new iPhone 4.0 OS.

It sounds like this will be the unveiling of two new social networking ‘Pink’ handsets that are codenamed ‘Pure’ and ‘Turtle’.

The handsets are aimed to be down with the kids with a keen focus on Facebook, Twitter and Zune support to name but a few.

Both of these phones were sketched by the same pens that brought us the T-Mobile Sidekick – Danger.

Keeping with the Sidekick theme it looks like Sharp, who nailed the Sidekick together will also be manufacturing the Pinkies – remember those pics?

OS-wise it’s fair to assume that the Windows Phone 7 operating system will be used for both the Turtle and Pure albeit on a Windows CE flavoured platform.

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