Microsoft Xbox One X Project Scorpio – UK pre-orders open

xbox one x project scorpio editionMicrosoft has unleashed its limited Project Scorpio Edition version of the Xbox One X at Gamescom 2017.

The extremely anticipated next gen Xbox has borrowed its name from the console’s original codename.

The Project Scorpio Edition comes with a number of stylistic modifications when compared to the ‘regular’ flavoured Xbox One X.

Project Scorpio updates

Unveiled back at E3 in June after a year’s worth of teasers, the latest Xbox One features more memory and improved processing designed for 4K playback.

To be honest, there’s not really much else different about this version.

The most visible change is the Project Scorpio badge on the front, in iconic Xbox green lettering and a custom-designed printed skin.

xbox one x project scorpio bundleThe regular One X will come with a matte finish instead.

xbox one x project scorpio edition controllerYou also get a black wireless controller. This too is emblazoned with the neon green Project Scorpio branding. You also get a vertical stand.

The box itself is reminiscent of the very first Xbox console to go on sale. This should please those nostalgic gamers out there.

This is Microsoft’s first 4K games console, capable of running games in ultra high definition at up to 60fps.

Price and availability

The Project Scorpio Edition is available in limited numbers, so you’ll want to make sure you get your pre-order in now to secure the ultra-exclusive console.

It can be pre-ordered now for £449.99 from Amazon or direct from Microsoft. Game and PC World are also stocking the Scorpio.

The company hasn’t listed the actual ship date for the system, but if the One S is still your speed, Microsoft will also be launching a pair of bundles with the slimmed down version of the console launching October 10th.

The One S Shadow of War bundles ship with Middle-earth: Shadow of War and a couple of Xbox subscription perks.

xbox one x minecraftMicrosoft also unveiled a Limited Edition Minecraft version of the Xbox One S at its Gamescom press conference.