Microsoft Hyperlapse brings extra creativity to Android videos

hyperlapseAfter a long period of development, Microsoft has released its Hyperlapse app to let users create professional-looking time lapse videos with their phone and they’re sharing the love with Android users.

The Hyperlapse app is available for Windows Phone and Android, although the Android version does have a beta tag attached to it so it may have a few glitches.

Saying that though, Microsoft Hyperlapse is free for Android users and the results can be pretty stunning if you use it well… if you are able to use it at all.

You see, I was excited by this prospect, as I am sure you are too, so I rushed over the the Hyperlapse Mobile page, joined the Beta programme, got to the Play Store only to be turned away.

not this androidOK, so my HTC One M7 isn’t the latest machine out there but it is running Android 5.0.2 and Sense 6.0 – isn’t that enough? Apparently not.

Once I get over my disappointment I shall have a look at Hyperlapse Pro app for PCs. The Pro version promises advanced editing and also allows you to hyperlapse existing videos. Well, that depends if my Core i5 4670K running at 4.7Ghz with 16GB RAM and an overclocked NVIDIA GTX 780 is worthy.

Hyperlapse certainly looks like it should be a welcomed addition to Android. Especially as we were left out of Instagram’s Hyperlapse app which was released for iOS last year.

Here’s the official video as I wasn’t able to get on it. I’m not bitter.


[youtube id=”ygjpjBv5tvE”]