Microsoft Courier Gone Before it Arrived

Remember the twin-screened Microsoft Courier? Well, you can forget it 🙁

It looked rather lovely with its journal layout and, to me, seemed to be able to take on the iPad.

It was set to have a pair of 7 inch multitouch screens (for writing, drawing or generally dragging and flicking), a hinge to access a ‘home’ button and details about the system as well as a ‘holding’ area for your files.

The iPad killing blow may have been that it was going to sport a camera and ‘possibly’ charging connectivity on the rear.

It seems that all those devices that were supposed to “kill” the iPad are now having to be rejigged as those companies failed to realise that the next step in portable computing was, in fact, a big iPhone.

Chances are we’ll see what happened when the iPhone first came out – it will probably take the competition 3-5 years to catch up. Couple that with HP’s latest spending spree it looks like the next iPad will be the first to take on the original iPad.

I can’t deny – this has left me rather crushed. How about you?

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