Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Brings Magic Mouse and TrackPad to PC’s!

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the full-on big reveal of Microsoft’s new Arc Touch Mouse to fanfares and cheering – well, seems that Notebooksbilliger has spoiled the surprise.

Yup, the german retailer has posted pics of the new controller as well as the packaging.

So, is there anything else about this new Arc Mouse?

Well, it has a pretty neat party trick for those planning to slip it away in a laptop bag – it folds completely flat!

Yeah – we’ve seen that before but there’s every possibility that in this mode it could also function as a trackpad.

Expect touch scrolling (unless the name is totally misleading) and a and a 2.4GHz nano transceiver.

It can be yours in 5-10 business days after ordering and will cost €69.99 – just a tad more than the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic TrackPad.

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