Micro Scooters emicro one – world’s lightest electric scooter now available in UK

micro scooters emicro 1It must be Autumn as it was almost three years to the day when I last wrote about an electric scooter and today, the awarding winning Swiss innovators at Micro Scooters have unveiled their emicro one.

The Micro Scooter emicro one is an extraordinary feat of design, providing an unparalleled method of transport for adults.

Weighing just 7.5kg, it is the world’s most lightweight and compact electric scooter, while its unique motion control sensor allows riders to start and control their speed through body movement.

This is apparently a world’s first – not only that, this motion control also reduces battery consumption and allows the emicro one to run cable free.

The emicro one has 3 ride modes – Eco, Standard and Sport – which adjusts the speed and handling respectively.

micro scooters emicro one backThere’s also a fast charging battery which can be fully charged in just one hour and has an excellent lifetime of 1000+ charging cycles.

You should be able to get up to 12 km before needing a charge. The clever regenerative breaking also tops up your battery whilst also cutting down breaking distances.

If you hit a hill, then slope support will kick in. This produces higher amounts of torque to help you get to the summit.

All of this tech is wrapped up in a fun, easy-fold design which makes the emicro one effortless to store once at your destination.

The emicro one is priced at £699.95 and is available from the micro scooters website.