MGCool Explorer Pro 2 4K action cam review

MGCool Explorer Pro 2 4K action cam


Build quality




Ease of use







  • That price!
  • Decent image quality
  • OK audio
  • WiFi built in
  • Slomo and Time Lapse options


  • Nothing at this price

MGCool explorer pro 2 4k action camMGCool might be an odd company name but the Explorer Pro 2 has some serious claims. This is a 4K 25fps action camera that costs only £40.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive action cam there are a few to choose from. However, usually when you’re looking at the budget end 4K stops being an option.

Furthermore, getting an entry level one with a usable touchscreen is another big ask.

MGCool seems to have managed it all, but how does it all stack up in the real world?

MGCool Explorer Pro 2 design

The Explorer Pro 2 is lightweight and offers two color choices; silver and black.

The sides of the camera have a grippy, textured finish whereas the front has a nice, soft-touch coating.

MGCool explorer pro 2 4k action camAround the back is a 2-inch 320×240 pixel touchscreen. This is used to flick through the settings menu. There is also two buttons on the right side (as you use the camera), a mode button on the front and, finally, a capture/stop button up top.

The MGCool Explorer Pro 2 sports a Pega S350 SoC which is paired with a 16mpx Sony IMX179 Sensor. It’s able to shot videos @4K 25FPS, ultra HD resolution.

The Sony sensor looks through a 6G Sharkeye lens. This lens boasts a 170 degrees wide-angle field.

MGCool Explorer Pro 2 performance

MGCool explorer pro 2 4k action camMGCool really want you to use this camera wherever, and whenever possible. To this end they have bundled in a wide array of additions.


MGCool explorer pro 2 4k action cam accessoriesAs well as the camera, in the box you will find a waterproof case, camera bracket, a Clip, a USB Cable, a bicycle bracket, a helmet base, an adapter and the user manual.

That’s pretty generous for a sub-£45 camera.

More control

As well as the onboard buttons, the Explorer Pro 2, of course, has an app. You can use this app on iOS and Android devices and connects to the camera through its own WiFi connection. Yup, this inexpensive action cam even has WiFi.

In use

MGCool explorer pro 2 4k action camI really wasn’t expecting much from this little camera. I mean, how good can a forty-quid 4K camera be?

Well, I took it out with the intention of filming my recent road-trip with my band. However, I did not realise that the camera is defaulted to not record audio.

This means that my little reportage of the traffic jam on the motorway and where I was heading was silent. Some will say that’s for the best.

So, here’s the 4K video:

In order to quickly capture the audio quality I just mumbled some nonsense as I wandered around my garden. Yes, the garden needs tidying but my Acer has grown back and the daffodils are out!

This is rendered in 720p and the audio comes in at 1:16.

The MGCool also offers super slomo and timelapse recording. It’s even  IP68 waterproof if you use the bundled case. It really does have everything that most people will need.

There does appear to be a couple of occasions where the image breaks up but, in all honesty, I think that the MGCool does really well. I wouldn’t have any issues in strapping one of these to my handlebars or helmet if I was a sporty type. Better still, this would make an excellent headcam for skateboarders.

MGCool Explorer Pro 2 review conclusion

The MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 4K is an action camera that you won’t mind putting at risk. Furthermore, it’s one that does quite a decent job of recording the action in 4K at 25fps.

Additionally, the touchscreen controls are simple and intuitive – just remember to turn the audio on if you’re wanting to record sound.

I don’t think that you can go far wrong with one of these at this price.

Price and availability

You can buy an Explorer Pro 2 right now from GearBest for £40 and Amazon for £50.