Mewbox – On the Go Music Downloads on Android

mewboxMewbox – not a new dry cat food or a mash-up of Robbie Williams’ failed 2006 album and a Danish alternative rock band.

Mewbox is actually a new music download service that originally launched with the Archos 5 Android slate but has now gone live for all Android phones.

This means that whether you’re going to be rocking the new Milestone in a few days or have a loving relationship with the T-Mobile G1 – you’ll be able to download choonz to keep whilst you’re out-and-about for the very first time.

The Mewbox site looks pretty straightforward and not in the least confusing (more than I can say for the Myspace Music site).

There’s also a blog which reports news about the software as well as top track picks.

If you haven’t got an Android powered handheld it may be still worth your while to pootle across to Mewbox as it’s offering a free download (89MB) of some of its favourite songs to keep for anyone!

Now, if you’ve an iPhone you’ll think that this has always been the way as we’ve been able to download from iTunes from day 1. Even the Crackberry has been able to get music on the move thanks to 7digital.

Talking ’bout 7digital – this is who’s behind Mewbox. This should mean that Android users will have access to around 4 million tracks.

Mewbox is out now for any European Android owners, but it’s not on the Android Market – all you have to do is download from the Mewbox homepage here.

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