Meters Music: Hi-Fi from Ashdown Engineering

meters-music-launchIn my other guise as a gigging bassist, I have played using Ashdown amps and cabs a number of times. So, it is interesting to see the brand branching out in to the lifestyle audio arena with Meters Music.

Ashdown amps look cool. This is partly down to their neat analogue VU meters. More importantly though, they sound great.

I realise that not all of you are bassists or spend time leafing through guitar magazines so here’s a bit of background.


Ashdown was formed by Mark Gooday upon leaving the world-renowned Trace Elliot brand. Trace Elliot rigs could be spotted behind most bass players during the 80s and early 90s.

mkingSince then, Ashdown has supplied the low-end backline to a who’s who of bass players. Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Pino Palladino (The Who and many others), Mark King (Level 42). and Youth (Killing Joke, and Producer for Primal Scream, Crowded House, Orb, etc) are just three that spring to mind.

Needless to say, there’s a whole range of major artists who trust Ashdown amplifiers on stage and in the studio.

It stands to reason then, that these same people should be up to the task of delivering music to consumers’ ears.

Meters Music

Meters Music is set to begin rolling out its ambitious raft of home audio devices.

The range includes wired and wireless noise-cancelling headphones, desktop audio systems and a hybrid amplifier/wireless speaker.

The Meters Music audio range has been designed and tuned in consultation with the artists who’ve worked closely with the company over many years. The press release states that it will be equally happy at home, on the move or in the studio.

meters-music-ov-1System of a Down bassist, Shavo Odadjian, says,

Ashdown has been a huge part of my sound for over a decade; now I can take them with me everywhere.”

All Meters Music products feature the company’s patented VU meters. This undoubtedly adds a stylish touch of studio cool to their robust and elegant looks.

The VU Meters react in real-time to the sound level of the music being played. This adds a studio mixing desk aesthetic as well as looking cool.

meters-music-hi-fiIntroducing the new audio range, Meters Music Managing Director Mark Gooday, said,

After nearly three years of design and patents, we are over the moon with the sound of these products. Our artists are asking daily when they can get their hands on them, and the iconic VU meter has been a huge hit with them all. Watch this space for pictures of the Ashdown family using Meters Music products with pride.”

Meters Music price and availability

You can pre-order via the Meters Music website now.

  • Meters OV-1 headphones have an asking price of £279
  • Meters Cubed Stereo Bluetooth micro audio system is £149
  • M-Ears earphones are £50

Pre-ordered products have a shipping date of January 2017.