Metal Gear Solid Touch – MGS on iPhone

mgstIf you’re a Metal Gear Solid fan you’ve probably seen the teaser campaign.

If you’re an XBox 360 owner, however, you may be confused when you see that the next MGS fix is coming out on the iPhone (I’m guessing that the iPod Touch will also be able to rock this as well).

It has been pencilled for release in Spring, 2009.

Metal Gear Solid Touch is an original game, not a port-over, that will feature the world and characters of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


It will start with eight stages and Konami promises that more will be made available later on (for download I assume).

There’ll also be freebies in the form of images and wallpapers which are gained by earning points from playing the game.

You’ve probably already worked out that the game will be controlled by touchscreen, which Konami claims will make it

“simple for anyone to move their alignment or switch to zoom mode.”

Konami also announced a number of other iPhone releases including Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, Silent Hill: The Escape and Frogger, which are all due for release shortly.

What strikes me is that with such big names designing for the iPhone is the time up for the likes of the DS and PSP? 

What do you reckon?

Konami via Kotaku