Metal Gear Solid Touch Demo Coming This Month – Pictures

mgs3December 17th 2008.

That was the last time I brought you any news about Metal Gear Solid Touch.

This is to be Konami’s first game for the iPhone/iPod touch.

You play the character of Old Snake and bound around international hot spots such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America and Shadow Moses.

Konami says to expect to bump into “well-known antagonists from past Metal Gear Solid titles,” in this, the “final chapter in the legendary saga of Solid Snake.”

All in all this sounds pretty cool to me and another step in the right direction for the iPhone and gamers 🙂

There should be a demo of the game, or as Konami calls it, an “Advance Edition” within a month.

Apparently it will have the first 12 levels!!  🙂

For those 12 levels I’m guessing some cash will have to change hands as Konami is offering a free upgrade to the full game for owners of the “Advance Edition”.

Personally; still cool 🙂

Check out the gallery: