The MET is the Car for Single Parent Stormtroopers

The MET is a clever electric car designed by Kyu-Hyun Lee and Sol Lee.

Basing their concept on the amount of “single person” families who live within cities or close to work – the MET looks kinda funky with its three-wheeledness.

So? That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it?

“The number of single person families is increasing. For such type of families, big sedans are less useful because the size is associated with resource consumption and parking issues. What they need is the vehicle for daily journey to work for their own, or for the weekend”

Well, the MET isn’t just different because it caters for a parent/child or patent/date combo, thus taking up fewer resources, it’s different because of how it charges.

You see where almost all other electric cars plug in at charging stations the MET has a battery wheel.

The third wheel at the rear actually disconnects allowing you to sling on a spare with a charging station being installed at your home for optimum convenience. I haven’t quite worked out where that spare wheel/battery is stored yet.  I do like the idea of the battery being stored in the wheel and changing the unit though.

Have a flick through the gallery below and let me know what you think.

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