Merry Christmas from GadgetyNews!

I shall soon be heading up to the Midlands to spend Christmas in Birmingham.

As I will (hopefully) not be sober enough to be able to type and spell correctly – yeah, all those mistakes in this blog tend to happen when I’m sober – I’m taking this opportunity to sling out a little festive note.

It’s been quite a year and there’s been many a wonderful gadgety thing and the faves that spring to mind are the arrival of the wristphone, the Left4Dead duo and the twin-screened lappy – the best, as is always the way in tech, is what’s going to arrive next!

The Google Nexus One, the new iPhone and perhaps the iTablet (if not a Jobs Joke) should all appear early 2010 but what else will the new year bring?

I will be back in a few days with more updates and news as per usual.

Have a fantastic Christmas/Holiday season and I’ll see you all in a few days – hopefully sober enough to type :p

Merry Christmas!!

Jay G

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