MERGE Cube – give the gift of AR this Christmas

Merge CubeMERGE has just announced its newest product, the MERGE Cube.

It might unnervingly look like the ‘Box of Delights’ from Hellraiser, but the MERGE Cube merges the physical and digital worlds. Also, I can pretty much guarantee that no Cenobites will be sneaking in to your kids’ room. Not via this cube any how.


Using augmented reality (AR) tech and the camera and sensors in your mobile device, this Cube enables you to physically hold and interact with 3D digital objects like never before.

There are already dozens of games and experiences built for it.

GalacticExplorerSo, do you fancy holding a galaxy in the palm of your hand? Let’s face it, who doesn’t? Then you can also add in to the mix examining ancient artifacts, watching a volcano erupt before your eyes, and more.


[amazon_link asins=’B0741FNH18′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]MERGE also offers the MERGE Miniverse. This is a curated portal to virtual and augmented worlds.
You see, the company not only creates physical products and apps – its team of VR experts also curates a library of high quality, family-friendly experiences. The list includes 360º videos, and virtual and augmented reality apps and games.
All of the content on MERGE Miniverse is tested and rated for age appropriateness, quality, and motion intensity.


MERGE founder, Franklin Lyons, stated:

We’re excited to bring the MERGE Cube to the UK and put this technology into people’s hands. With this first-of-its-kind product, people can experience the wonder and amazement of interacting with holographic, 3D content in a natural and intuitive way. Our MERGE Cube and Goggles allow users to interact with more than just a screen – now they can build worlds, explore the human brain, visit foreign lands and more through the power of VR/AR.”

Price and availability

The MERGE Cube is affordably priced at just £19.99 and is available now in the UK on Amazon.

To learn how the MERGE Cube works, visit