Men’s Gadgets: The Survival Guide

smartphonesSome years ago a men’s survival guide would have looked very different to what’s about to follow. Today, our lives have gadgets incorporated into just about every nook and cranny. Whether you’re away for a few days on business or are taking a short holiday with friends, there are a few items that no man can do without.

Here, we look at a run-down of those gadgets which are – let’s be honest – completely essential.

The Smartphone

Straight in there is one of the biggest game-changers of the 21st century – the smartphone. The market for smartphones continues to grow and not without good reason. Smartphones not only keep us in touch with our mates but they ensure we’ve got all the music we need at the touch of a button, not to mention internet access.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office or on a weekend getaway with a partner, there are few times when we don’t appreciate instant access to sports, news and – of course – the latest gadgets.

Beard Trimmer

philips beard trimmerA decade ago, a few days away from home wouldn’t be enough to pose a problem for facial hair. A standard razor from any corner-shop could rustle up a relatively clean shave. Today, things are a little different. Not only are men more careful with their appearance than ever before but facial hair is often considered an asset.

Rather than rooting for a clean shave or an all-out beard, most men appreciate shavers that can help them achieve the perfect amount of facial hair – not too long, not too short, and extremely tidy. This brings the beard trimmer to our cutting edge survival guide.

Nintendo 3DS

nintendo 3dsWe’re never too old for a bit of gaming to pass the time. While your smartphone might give you access to a world of basic games, there’s no alternative to a purpose built portable games console.

The Nintendo 3DS is affordable, powerful and boasts a wide variety of games to keep you busy on those long and boring commutes.


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