Melco 100-series CD and HD Drives – Bristol Show 2018

Melco the audiophile division of leading Japanese computer peripheral company Buffalo Technology, has announced the launch of two additional products to its range of digital music libraries. These make up the Melco 100-series: E100 Expansion Drive and D100 CD Drive.

These new audiophile-designed half-sized components offer greater flexibility by allowing users to expand the storage capability of their music libraries. Moreover, they are able to do this without compromising on performance.

Melco at Sound and Vision

Priority is given to sound quality and performance, a rarity for products normally associated with IT.

Melco engineers use only the finest components and audiophile design techniques across the board. The result is two additions to the company’s 100-series. I’ve no doubt that these will prove to be essentials for any user intent on getting the very best from their digital music libraries.

E100 Expansion Drive

Melco E100Featuring the same Hi-Fi quality hardware as Melco’s main units, albeit with additional technology to support expansion connectivity.

The E100’s single hard drive has a capacity of 3TB. That should be enough to significantly expand the capacity of your Melco Digital Music Library.

Mounted on the Melco Highly Stable Storage System (HS-S2) anti-vibration platform, as used in the N1ZS/2A, the selected 3TB hard drive is controlled by a dedicated Melco control board. The board utilises audiophile design and components to achieve the best sound quality possible.

The 2mm ridged aluminium half-size chassis houses both the electronics and the hard drive.

The rear panel accommodates two USB 3.0 sockets – one for connection to the main Melco library and the other to daisy-chain further E100’s for additional storage capacity.

D100 CD Drive

Melco D100Ideal for playing or importing CD’s in archive quality into the brand’s ecosystem, the D100 CD Drive uses the latest generation of Japanese optical drives. This is directly mounted to the 2mm thick chassis via Melco’s anti-vibration platform.

The UV laser system delivers meticulous optical disc surface reading, whilst benefiting from extreme mechanical stability for bit-perfect CD import.

Crucially, the imported file is retained within the unit in archival quality. In short, this means that you’ll never have to rip it again. A great way to gain easy access to an entire CD collection without having to touch a disc.

Naturally, the control circuit has been designed to audiophile standards. It houses a low jitter clock generator for accurate reading and data transmission.

The rear panel features two USB 3.0 ports. One port is for connecting directly to a Melco music library for data import. The other is to attach directly to a USB-DAC or other USB3 storage or import device.

Controlled by the front panel interface utilised on all Melco Digital Music Libraries, the D100 exploits the Melco DIRECT CD PLAY feature.

When used with an external USB-DAC, this combination delivers the full benefit and performance of a high-end CD player.

By keeping the CD mechanism separate from the main Melco library, system reliability is ensured and sound quality maximised.

Price and availability

Both the E100 Expansion Drive and D100 CD Drive are available now with UK SRP of £899.00

Melco at The Bristol Show

Visit Melco and experience the new 100-series drives and more at Sound and Vision. They can be found on Stand 10a (Ground Floor) and Room 204 on the 2nd Floor.