Meet Tri-bot and Rovio – Wowwee!

WowWee, the people who brought you RoboSapien have a few more to add to their stable.

Tri-bot (pictured left) is the “a born entertainer” of the new pair while the Wi-Fi enabled Rovio is a more focused guardbot.

As an aside; RoboSapien also gets a girlfriend, called FemiSapien (they must’ve spent ages on that one!).

Tri-bot is a red robot with animated eyebrows (think Roger Moore)  and likes nothing better than to pootle around telling jokes or playing games. Tri-bot is available to you for a reasonable £50.

On a more serious note – Rovio.

Armed with a webcam on an extending arm and three-wheel go-anywhere drive it is controlled from within your Web browser.  This means that you can remotely operate it from any location.

Saying that, you can also program paths for the Rovio to follow so it can perform circuits looking for potential ne’er do wells.  The webcam arm allows you to see things from a perspective other than floor level.

The next trick up Rovio’s extended sleeve is how it charges.  If you have  guard it would be pointless for it to only be available when you were around; so this clever character has a charging base station that gives out two points of light, so that the Rovio can always detect where it is and automatically return to base for a much-needed rest. 

All in all, Rovio seems to be quite a groovy guard and at £150 it is not overpriced.