McIntosh outs new digital amp, luxury disc player – High End Munich

MA8900 Front Top background USBHigh-end Hi-Fi cobbler, McIntosh, has just announced two new products at this year’s High End show in Munich: the MA8900 integrated amplifier and the MCD350 SACD/CD player.

McIntosh has unveiled a pair of top-class items over at the High End Show. This audio expo is currently running in Munich.

The company boasts that each product combines the best-in-class audio performance of the legendary McIntosh Reference System. But, they would, wouldn’t they.

Secondly, they also state that they have combined that performance with the latest in technological development. OK, colour me interested.

MA8900 integrated amplifier

We shall kick-off with the MA8900 Integrated Amplifier. This little beauty offers 200 Watts per channel. It also combines many new features with the company’s legendary amplification and preamplifier capabilities. All this is slipped into one all-encompassing unit.


Furthermore, this is the first product to feature the new McIntosh Monogrammed heatsinks. As you would expect, these are made from high-quality materials with excellent thermal conductivity properties. The company is so proud of the heatsinks, they’ve even given them their Mc stamp of approval.

MA8900 Angle Left PhonoThe heatsinks are connected to advanced high current output transistors. McIntosh promises that this will eliminate thermal equilibrium lag time. Basically, they will help ensure that the first musical note played sounds just as good as songs played later in the listening session.


McIntosh has utilised the new DA1 Digital Audio Module. The modular input section allows it to be replaced by future modules. This will make it easy to keep the MA8900 current with all the latest digital audio formats and technologies.

The DA1 comes with an upgraded 8-channel, 32-bit DAC used in Quad Balanced mode and has 6 digital inputs.

MA8900 BackThe USB input accepts signals up to 32-bit/384kHz and supports up to DSD256 and DXD 384kHz.

Analogue stereo inputs include 1 balanced and 6 unbalanced. You also get a Moving Coil and Moving Magnet input.

All inputs can be given custom names. This is great for user-friendly system control and configuration. Well, that or just for calling certain sources silly names!


The MA8900 includes many other updates including new, more powerful control microprocessors, and some of the latest audio-grade circuit components.

All of this should allow the MA8900 to deliver the best sound possible.

MCD350 SACD/CD player

The MCD350 SACD/CD player is here to deliver a pure playback experience from SACDs and CDs.

The disc-spinner features a balanced 2-channel, 32-bit/192kHz DAC.

Fixed analogue stereo outputs are available in both balanced and unbalanced flavours; a coax and optical output are also available.

MCD350 AngleAll analogue outputs, as well as the digital coax outputs, are gold plated for superior corrosion resistance. Which is nice.

The MCD350 features 2x read speed. So, every disc placed in its rigid aluminium die-cast tray will be read at higher speeds. This allows the disc data to be stored in a buffer memory for better error correction and tracking.

Strap yourself in for this next bit.

The MCD350 features a twin laser optical pickup that uses a single objective lens. This has two laser units that each employ different wavelengths, optimised for SACD and CD playback. Even if you don’t exactly get it, I am sure that your ears will appreciate it.

The classic McIntosh black glass front panel with an illuminated logo and aluminium end caps complete the unit.

Pricing and availability

Both products are available for order right now.


The MA8900 lands in June. The MCD350 ships in July.

Prices (excluding VAT, shipping, etc)

  • MA8900: $7,500 USD
  • MCD350: $4,500 USD

This pricing is subject to change. UK pricing TBC