MCH CS-one Media Box Touch – A Reason To Buy British?

cs1_touch_red1A British media player that’s good enough to taunt the likes of  ‘iPod’, ‘Walkman’ or ‘Zune’?

Hello MCH CS-one Media Box Touch!

This touchscreen media player from Hertfordshire has touch sense buttons and 18 hours of continuous video playback on a full charge – so, that means even longer playback when rockin those MP3’s!

The ever-groovy accelerometer means switching from portrait to landscape will be a doddle – mix that up with the fully animated menu and eBook capabilities and it turns out the CS-one Media Box Touch is as good as the other previously mentioned playas.

It’s available in a wonderfully colourful assortment of offerings, priced at £63.99 for 4GB, £72.99 for 8GB and £84.99 for a 16GB model, here.

Not bad I reckon. So why not buy British!!!?

MCH Media