Martin Thrill Vertical Fogger – spooky season stageshow spectacular

Thrill Vertical FoggerHalloween is getting to be a bigger and bigger deal in the UK. So, if you’re looking to make yours the ultimate Halloween bash you need to check out this Vertical Fogger from Martin Thrill.

This new Vertical Fogger, or smoke machine to most of us, comes from Martin of Harman and their new Thrill series.

As its name suggests, this will emit plumes and jets of fog. Additionally, the hazy effects are illuminated by strobing lights for the ultimate spooky rave.

You can set off fog effects at almost any angle (including upside down).

martin thrill vertical foggerFurthermore, the fog produced is able to reach a maximum height of up to seven metres.

You add some extra ambiance with the 21 x 3w single LEDs, which have nine vibrant pre-programmed colours.

Dynamic effects include colour, strobe and pulse effects.
[youtube id=”kXcGcnQHHI4″]

Bundled in the pack is a wireless remote so you can set off your foggy light show from a comfortable distance.

It also includes a 2.5l fluid reservoir, so that’s far fewer trips to refill it.

Martin Thrill has even thrown in a adjustable bracket for mounting.

Moreover, once the spooky season has passed, bands and DJs can use it to add to their stageshow.

Price and availability

You can by the Martin Thrill Vertical Fogger right now from music, stage and pro lighting stores for £379.