Marks and Spencer iPod Back To School Range

Saw this and though WTF!

I know kids are rocking iPods and mobiles as soon as they’ve stopped bottle-feeding but c’mon!

Teachers have a hard enough time keeping the pupils focused and, while it scares me, stab-proof hoodies and kevlar school-bags serve a purpose but Marks and Spencer have gone and released a new line of school uniforms which have iPod/MP3 compatibility!

The new line of interactive clothing features blazers and winter coats with five function keypad controllers sewn into the inside the lapels.

This gives the school-goer complete remote access to their iPods without really drawing attention to themselves(!) or should I say pulling the unit out to fiddle with and have it confiscated by teachers during exams and other important studious pass-times!

They’ve missed the chance of supplying the little darlings with wireless earphones so they can be totally covert!

The jackets are made of 100% polyester, made from recycled materials, and come with both water and stain protection.

“Marks and Spencer’s 2008 Back to School collection is optimized for wear comfort as well as for the use of an iPod on the go: a strategically placed iPod pocket which doesn’t bulge, an iPod connector with a hidden circuit, concealed controls for operating the settings, lapel loops concealing the earphone wires.”

The blazers come in black only and will retail for about £25-£30 and coats range from £35-£40 from good ol’ Marks and Spencer.