Marantz Try To Stop Bothering Your Savings

The name Marantz usually makes most people’s wallet or purse hide unless you’re serious about your audio.

But now they are trying to get the MP3 generation back to listening to music via those shiny discs and offer up the CD5003 CD player and PM5003 amp.

The CD5003 brings an audiophile-friendly reinforced chassis to cut out vibration, HDAM SA-2 modules for better audio reproduction and a digital-to-analogue converter that guarantees perfect symmetry between left and right channels.

It will also play CD-R and CD-RW, MP3 and WMA-enabled discs.

The PM5003 packs independent pre-amplifier, power amplifier and tone control sections, pumping out 80 watts of tuneage throughout your party pad.

There’s also the same HDAM SA-2 modules for sound quality, five line inputs, balance control and two sets of speaker terminals.

£230 will get you the amp and add £200 for the CD player.