Marantz IS301 – Wireless iPod / iPhone Dock

You’re looking for an iPod dock but you want one from a respected name in Hi-Fi and you also want it to be wireless.

Well, look no further.  Your search could, quite possibly, end here.

I’m talking bout the Marantz IS301 Wireless iPod Dock – and, as promised, it’s, well, an iPod dock and it’s wireless.

The cradle uses Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR A2DP and Bluetooth AVRCP for the wireless link with a receiver that links up to your hi-fi via normal audio leads.

It can stream all sorts of media from your iPod or iPhone and also converts the iThingy to a remote so that you can mess around with the hi-fi’s volume and lots of other settings that can be found on a Marantz receiver.

The grooviest things are that you can have several docks wirelessly hooked up to one receiver and the fact that the docking port is detachable.

So, your iPod doesn’t have to be sitting in the dock cradle to stream music to the receiver – you can pick it up and take it into another room, and as long as it’s within Bluetooth range (around 10 metres) it will still stream audio.

This is what happens when Marantz makes a dock 🙂

Marantz via Akihabara News