Marantz adds AirPlay 2 and KI Ruby to offerings

marantz KI Ruby signatureMarantz has announced a slew if new Heos multiroom-packing AV receivers. Additionally, they took the wraps off the KI Ruby separates.

Marantz certainly is offering something for everyone. From their AirPlay 2 compatible receivers right up to the limited edition stereo amplifier and CD player.

Marantz AirPlay 2

marantzAlong with stablemates, Denon, Marantz has given their latest networked receivers the ability to use Apple’s latest audio casting technology. As well as the update coming to brand new receivers, 2017 and 2018’s existing line of networked receivers will also make the jump to AirPlay 2 thanks to an over the air update.

AirPlay 2 lets Apple fans cast music from their iOS and Mac devices to wireless connected speakers. Also, they are able to control them with Siri voice commands as well as grouping selections of devices together for multi-room audio.

Following the announcement of their latest slimline NR AV receiver line, the 5.1 NR1509 and Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 NR1609, the audio outfit confirmed additional models.

There is the seven channel SR5013 as well as two nine channel receivers. The nine channel versions, the SR6013 and SR7013, both boast Dolby Atmos, DTS X and Auro 3D support.

The SR5013 has a 7x 180W power plant using HDAM topology, and seven HDMI inputs with twin outputs.

Due October, both the SR6013 and SR7013 add Auro 3D compatibility to the codec mix. The former is rated at 9x 185W per channel, and the SR7013, at 200W per channel.

Both have seven rear mounted HDMI inputs (compatible with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision), with the SR7013 boasting three outputs.

Marantz will round off the year with the eleven channel SR8012 and AV7705 multi-channel pre-amp.

KI Ruby

Marantz KI RubyMarantz brand ambassador, Ken Ishiwata, has been on a quest that’s stretched for almost 40 years. He has searched for the way to make his CDs sound the best that they possibly can when played though his system.

The world-famous audio specialist worked on Marantz’s first ever CD player in 1982, the CD-63. So, to mark his 40th anniversary with the company, Ishiwata has been working on something very special indeed. The result is the KI Ruby set.

The KI Ruby system consists of a Super Audio CD (SACD) player with DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) called the SA-KI Ruby, and an integrated amplifier dubbed the PM-KI Ruby.

The amp is a discrete 2-stage job powering a pre-amp and power amp separately. Utilising Marantz HDAM circuit tech, the circuit line is as short as possible in order to reduce signal noise through the amp. The amp will push 100W per channel for 8ohm speakers, or 200W per channel if you’re pairing the PM-KI Ruby with 4ohm speakers.

The SA-KI Ruby uses the DNA from the Marantz flagship SA-10. To this they employ a disc mechanism built from the ground up with audio in mind.

Called the SACDM-3, it’s just as happy with compiled Super Audio CD, CD-ROM and DVD audio discs as it is with your regular CDs. It will even play back music from a USB input.

Handling file formats including PCM / DXD 384KHz / 32bit and DSD11.2MHz, it upscales (upconverts?) all file formats to DSD, with a 1-bit conversion method returning the feed to the analogue outputs.

It all must sound very tasty.

The limited edition (500 units per territory) KI Ruby audiophile line are engraved with Ken Ishiwata’s signature. Early system pre-orders will also ship with matching serial numbers.

Price and availability

Both the PM-KI Ruby and the SA-KI Ruby will cost £3,500 a piece, with the rarity of the KI-Ruby set to make it a highly sought after bit of kit.

Prices for the A/V receivers:

  • SR5013 – £850
  • SR6013 – £1,249
  • SR7013 – £1,749
  • SR8012 – £2699
  • AV7705 – £1899