Maplock – GPS Anti-theft Device for Those Stupid Enough to Leave it on Their Windscreen

gpsmaplockCorrect me if I’m wrong.

Most GPS devices are portable. They’ll slip into your hand/man bag, pocket, or at least into your cars locking glovebox.

The fact that even when people remove their TomTom or Garmin and shove it under their car-seat (yeah – I know your secret hiding place!) they leave the dock on their windscreen. Now, I’m not a thief but even I’d see that as a flag that commands ‘Chances are there’s a GPS hidden under the drivers seat’!

Even when folk do remove the cradle they leave the tale-tale ring mark left by the sucker. Suckers!

Maplock is here to prevent your GPS going walkies whilst pandering to the laziness of most motorists.

Maplock simply hooks onto your GPS and tethers it to your steering wheel.

The clever anti-theft idea is just like those steering-wheel locks and comes from Australian-based Who-Rae, and recently won Popular Mechanic’s Editor’s Choice award at the SEMA car show.

There’s no word on pricing or availability as yet.

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