Manfrotto Windsor messenger camera bag review

Manfrotto Windsor camera messenger small


Build quality











  • Doesn't look like a camera bag
  • Plenty of storage for size
  • Adjustable internal protectors
  • Extra 'shelf' piece
  • Quick access zip


  • Premium price

 windsor small reviewCamera bags are generally something you have to have, rather than want. I mean, how else are you going to lug your camera and lenses around? Surely there’s a way of doing this not only with a compact solution, but a stylish one, too? The Manfrotto Windsor range may have just the thing.

If you use a removable lens camera, be it mirrorless or DSLR, you will know how tricky it can be transporting everything. The thing is, even the most compact camera bags can be cumbersome. Furthermore, they don’t tend to be the most stylish of things either. However, perhaps the Manfrotto Windsor Small Messenger Bag can change our mind.

Manfrotto Windsor small camera bag design

manfrotto windsor small topThis camera bag looks like a design classic. It has a distinctive vintage look that is matched with genuine leather trim. Adding to the retro-Britishness, there’s a natty tartan (or plaid, if you prefer) lining.

manfrotto windsor small insidemanfrotto windsor small insideThe bag measures 24 x 34.5 x 11 cm (HxLxW) on the outside. That said, it will hold a premium compact system camera with standard zoom lens attached as well as a 70-200/4 and another additional lens detached. Furthermore, as you can see in the photos, it can also accomodate a DSLR with multiple lenses.

It even has a padded compartment for your tablet. Although, in the snaps, I have shoved the camera battery charger down the side.

manfrotto windsor small zip openThere is a zipped pocket at the front. If you are packing a compact snapper, you can sit this on top of the internal tartan topper and quickly access it via the zip on top of the bag’s flap. I have tried to illustrate this using a DSLR but, obviously, the flap wouldn’t close with the big EOS in the way 😉 However, you could arrange the internal dividers to allow for your DSLR to be stored with its lens fitted for easy access in a similar way.

manfrotto windsor small backThe design if finished off with an adjustable shoulder strap with anti-slip shoulder pad and a leather carrying handle. Along the rear of the bag is a horizontal strip so you can slip the Windsor over the handles of your wheeled luggage.

Manfrotto Windsor small camera bag performance

manfrotto windsor smallThe little Windsor is perfect for inner-city snapping. Its slim profile and 690g of unlaiden weight certainly makes a difference to lugging a heavy-weight padded bag.

Granted, there is only room for essentials but, with some forward planning, it should be enough. I used the bag to carry two Canon DSLR camera bodies and a couple of lenses without issue. Furthermore, I managed it comfortably.

manfrotto windsor small openHaving the internal shelf created by the tartan inner is plety roomy enough for a compact camera or DSLR camera bogdy without lens. It also affords extra protection for all the other bits inside the bag.

I do like the style too. For years I have entrusted my gear to a black, boxy, camera bag. Sure it does the job, but rather utilitarianly.

manfrotto windsor small gearIf you do need more space, then there are larger bags available in the Windsor range.

Manfrotto Windsor review conclusion

If you use compact system cameras or are looking for a bag to carry your essentials when walking from a home base, the Windsor Small messenger camera bag ceratainly will take care of your kit.

Not only does it look good, but the adjustable protective compartments are well made, as is the rest of the bag. The leather detailing is a nice touch too and adds to the premium fit and finish.

Manfrotto is a well-respected brand and the little Windsor camera bag continues their line of great products.

Price and availability

You can buy the Windsor camera messenger small direct from Manfrotto for £99.95. Although, it is available elsewhere for £89.95 😉