Mako Boardsports Slingshot – jet-powered surfboarding

mako slingshot rider airSurfing is about to become even more retro as jet-boarding becomes the thing, thanks to Mako and their Slingshot.

Mako, the mad geniuses behind the Slingshot, have watched numerous powered surfboards be created but none excited them.

Firstly, they eschewed battery power for jet power. Secondly, they used herringbone carbon fibre for the body. Thirdly, they implemented aerospace manufacturing techniques.

This is no ordinary shortboard, people.

Mako Slingshot

mako jetboard slingshotPower

The Slingshot is powered by a 100cc two-stroke engine hooked up to a direct-drive axial-flow jet drive.

This adds up to pushing out speeds north of 30 mph (48 km/h). That said, Mako states that the power plant has been tuned for punchy low-down torque.

You can expect to get around 40 minutes of high-speed wakeboarding thrills from the With a 2.8-litre (0.74-gal) fuel tank.

The engine is held in place on easy-access mounting points behind a press-catch cowling that opens at the touch of three buttons. This provides convenient, direct access to the spacious engine bay and the Rotron XT100 two-stroke powerplant.


mako slingshot 3-wayMeasuring up at 1.88 m (74 in) long and 59.6 cm (23.5 in) wide, the board should be relatively easy to carry on the roof of a regular car.

Furthermore, Mako says that, due to Slingshot’s lightweight carbon fibre construction and size, there’s no need for a friend to lend a hand when getting the board down to the water.

Additionally, set up sounds a breeze. From the external re-fuelling cap to the accessible quick release battery pack, Slingshot’s organised layout gets rid of unnecessary faff. Great news for those impulsive riders out there.


Power is nothing without control and Mako says that the Slingshot has been designed to feel rock solid in adverse conditions, both in a straight line and whilst cornering.

Moreover, It’s going to feel quick and light underfoot, weighing in at just 19.5 kg (42 lb) dry thanks to that carbon fiber construction.

The rider controls the throttle using a handheld remote – just like electric skateboards.

To start the engine, you use a simple push button.

Mako says it’s tuned to be easy to handle for beginners, but won’t leave advanced riders feeling cold.

Price and availability

Only the more monied, athletic types (the board will take riders weighing up to 100 kg (220 lb)) need apply.

If you fit that criteria, then you can order direct from Mako –

The Slingshot has a starting price of £7,500 (US$9,800).