Maiden Audio – Iron Maiden and Onkyo join forces

iron maiden onkyoAs far as I am concerned Iron Maiden needs no introduction but, somehow, you may be unfamiliar with the British heavy metal legends. Well, following on from such endeavours as producing their own Trooper ale, they have joined forces with Onkyo for a new venture called Maiden Audio.

Details are still a tad sketchy as to what this joint venture will bring but it seems that there are plenty of Maiden fans already getting excited by the prospect.

As part of the launch campaign, which is to be explained in more depth at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the project has its own online photo tweet wall, which you can see rolling in real time at

Visitors to the stand are invited to take pictures of a giant Somewhere in Time era Eddie statue (the undead mascot synonymous with the band) either alone or with themselves and Tweet it using the hashtag “#MaidenAudio”. Instagrams and tweets posted will make up part of the scrolling wall.

Looking closely at Eddie you can see that he’s sporting some Iron Maiden headphones so I think it’s fairly safe to guess that the partnership will at least spawn a line of earpleasers not dissimilar to the Motörhead cans. Could this be a Brave New World of merchandising? Hopefully they turn out to be Killers.

Up the Irons! \m/\m/