Magne-hinge glasses offers spec wearers magnetic customisation

Magne-hinge glasses by NendoAs a long-time spectacle wearer (I just need glasses for driving, cinema and seeing things) I am happy to see some new tech being brought to us non-hipster spec wearers.

These groovy glasses swap the usual screws in their hinges for magnets which means instant customisation and repairs – as well as removing those awkward moments when your specs get sat on and the arm bent or broken.

This awesome design is the brainchild of Japanese studio Nendo whose Magne-hinge spectacles use disc-shaped magnets in the arms to clip neatly between two similar parts on either side of the lens frame. That makes them quickly swappable, allowing you to choose from black, metallic, tortoiseshell and blue options on a day-to-day basis.

magne-hinge off and onNendo explains:

“The temples release smoothly when pulled from the side, so that users can create different looks by purchasing temples in different colours and materials.”

These will form part of Nendo’s collection for its solo exhibition in Milan’s Brera district earlier the month. At the moment there’s no word on availability or pricing for the glasses – but this is something that I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

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