Magic Cable Trio – One Cable Does microUSB, miniUSB and Your Apple Device

Have you got a bag/desk drawer/shelf/bin full of cables? Yeah, me too. That’s all well and good at home or in the office but if you’re out-and-about it would be fantastic to have 1 USB cable that would work your Apple device as well as hooking up your micro and mini USB gadgets. Prayers answered good gadgety people.

While we hope and wish for manufacturers to come together and agree on a single universal charging standard connector we’ll all be carting around microUSB cables for the portable hard-drive, a miniUSB to charge the camera and, of course, the Apple cable for your iPhone/iPod or iPad.

Almost on a par with the genius that created the rubber band with a macro lens fitted, Innergie has invented the Magic Cable Trio.

You need a microUSB? You got it. You have to hook up a miniUSB device to your laptop? Sure. Need to sync your iPhone? Got you covered – all in cable.

The clever bit is that all the connectors daisy-chain together so you just have the one cable. It’s stored as an Apple USB and then remove that to gain access to the micro and miniUSB adapters. Before you point out that you once had a screwdriver that did similar until you lost all the other ends – the Magic Cable Trio is packing a smart hinged design in order to ensure that same fate does not befall the unused connector tips.

At $20 can you afford not to shove one in your backpack and laptop case? I think not 🙂

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