Mac Gets Blu-Ray Burner

Mac SuperdriveThere is now a Blu-Ray 6x Superdrive for all you Mac fansters and it comes thanks to MCE Technologies.

The new drive will enable you to burn both single and dual layer Blu-Ray DVDs and store up to fifty gigabytes of information on a single disc.

The Superdrive is capable of burning at 6x for Blu-Ray, 16x for standard +R/RW DVDs, can burn CDs at a not-so-sluggish 40x, as well as burning capabilities for DVD Ram at and HD- DVD-ROM at 5x. 

MCE states that the MCE 6X Blu-ray Recordable Drive is compatible with any MacPro or PowerMac PC and is available immediately and will set you back about $500 US (that’s with a single Blu-Ray blank disc included in the price…..their generousity knows no bounds!).

Gadgets Weblog via Coolest Gadgets