LunaBlocks from Lunatics – Lego Furniture

Building your own furniture has become fun!

Nope – I’m not being sponsored by Ikea, B&Q or MFI!!

Regress (possibly) and remember the joys of Lego.  Now imagine larger blocks.

You now have Lunablocks.

They’re giant perspex Lego-esque bricks that can be used to build pretty much anything -  a TV stand/coffee table is a good starting point and probably the easiest to construct.

Keeping with the Lego theme the blocks come in the usual format; twos, fours and flaties.  Cool!

The blocks come in different flavours such as metallic, glossy colours or even with lamps inside that illuminate the clear Perspex blocks.

It’s the brainchild of French outfit, Lunatic Constrauction, and on show at the Maison et Object show in Paris.

More over at Lunatic Construction