Lumigon T3 sees in the dark

lumigon t3 orangeLG’s phone has bolt-on bits, Huawei has loaded theirs with 3 camera sensors so where else is there to go? How about night vision? That’s the route taken by the Lumigon T3.

GadgetyNews has been keeping an eye on Lumigon through their goods. The T1 had remote control skills, and the T2 had B&O audio. Now the Scandinavian design house has given its newly revealed T3 night vision.

Before you start thinking that this might just be clever software or filter, the T3 has an actual, honest to goodness night vision camera sensor. This thing can really see in the dark.

The night vision sensor sits alongside a 13MP rear cam with phase-detect auto focus that’s good for 4K video, as well as 120fps slow motion.

Performance comes way of an 8-core CPU and 3GB of RAM running Android 6 Marshmallow.

lumigon t3 edgeLumigon has worked their own magic on Google’s operating system and has added an IR blaster and app for controlling your home cinema setup, as well as a password-protected Vault to keep your private stuff… well, private.

There’s a fingerprint sensor on the front, and a unique “BackTouch” scrolling touchpad on the back for swiping and scrolling through web pages.

lumigon t3 night visionThat’s not all though. Where most are happy to load their phones with 16, 32 or 64GB Lumigon hands over 128GB of internal storage. Tasty.

The 4.8-inch screen might seem a little out of sorts with all these other specs, offering up a mere 1280×720 resolution, but it is packing AMOLED display tech for inky blacks and vibrant colours.

lumigon t3 colours stylesAll this is wrapped up in quite a lovely body. Built from a mix of glass and stainless steel with options for 24-karat gold or diamond-encrusted finishes. The Black Black version with gold highlights looks pretty special – but you can go full-on bling and watch the jaws drop amongst your city commuters.

So, looking to go all night moves, you can pick up a T3 from the Lumigon website right now but it’s gonna cost you – $925 in US dollars, to be precise. I daren’t look at how much the gold and diamond versions will cost.

Still, it is a nice thing.