Lumigon T1 Smartphone Getting Bang & Olufsen Audio

The Lumigon T1 phone has just got a lot more interesting.

You already know (if you’ve been following this on GadgetyNews) that the Danish smartphone will be sporting Android 2.2, a Freescale 1GHz 3D processor, 32GB of memory and a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash but now B&O have buddied up for this enterprise.

Yup, fellow Danes, Bang & Olufsen, will be adding their mastery of top-end audio into the mix.

Lumigon posted that “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Bang & Olufsen which will bring ICEpower audio into our products for optimal sound experience,” on Facebook yesterday.

The T1 will use the MobileSound3 chip, B&O’s mini audio processor for phones and other mobile devices. Look at B&O’s chip as a dedicated graphics chip but for audio – this should be a lot better than relying purely on clever software to pump out the jams.

I’m guessing that the addition of B&O branding and the already decent spec will start to push the price above your main smartphone market – this will definitely appeal to those sneering at the popular (or common) iPhone 4 et al.

Lumigon assures its Facebook friends by stating that “The price will be very attractive…”

Hmmmm……. to who though?

Would you consider buying this in October?

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