Lotus Electrive – Open-Topped Classic Two-Seater Concept

lotus_electrive_concept_diseno-artcom2Diseno-art.com designers have worked their magic and have come up with something that would tick all of the boxes was I in the market for a two-seater eco-friendly car that would be able to put a big-ol’ smile on my face 🙂

The Lotus Electrive is obviously not a daily-driver but has been tailored to meet the demands of trackdays and those Sunday jaunts with no particular detination in mind.

Until it becomes a reality I’d settle for the Dodge Viper EV which is basically a Lotus Europa – and get £5000 rebate 🙂

I love how it looks (albeit as a render) and if anyone’s looking for a test-driver just drop me an email 😉

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