L’Orange French 3G iPhone Deal?

iPhone BoxesIf you’ve been keeping up with the 3G iPhone leaks and news you will have seen mysterious queues outside Apple stores and excited reports about cargo ships from China.

This one seems a little more real.

French iPhone owners are reporting that they are being contacted by Orange, the official French carrier-partner, with special offers for the (rumoured) 3G model.

PCInpact is claiming that a number of its readers have been called by Orange regarding an upgrade to the future Apple mobile. HMmmm……………..

The current owners are being offered a direct exchange of their existing iPhone and get the second gen version for 50 euros.

The other option being touted is for those who want to keep their current iPhone, but also want the (supposedly) 3G version means they can buy the new model and receive a “generous” discount – but I think that’s just plain greedy!  :0P

I’m sure all this will become apparent on 9th June

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