Loox! It’s The Fujitsu UB50n – U2010 or U820…

Just have a gander at Fujitsu’s latest lappy. 

To say it’s small……it makes the EeePC look like it could do with some exercise!

The Loox U/B50N has a 5.6in screen blasting out that 1,280×800 res and measures just 171×135x33mm when folded up.  Ahhhh – bless!

Also known as the Lifebook U820 in the Good ol’ US and U2010 everywhere else it is powered by a 1.6GHz Atom chip and sports a 1GB of RAM and 60GB hard drive.

The colourways are quite varied from the conservative black or silver, to a more outgoing pink or beige (what is it with brown these days?).

My choice would be the tokidoki version 🙂