Looking for an End of Night Hook Up? Foursquare Ratio Finder will Show You Where

Foursquare has its uses – you get tips on what to expect from various bars, restaurants and even workplaces but where’s the knowledge that you NEED when going out on the prowl?

You know what I’m talking about – it’s pay day and you and your gang are looking to have a few drinks and wake-up in a strangers bed 😉

Well, that’s where a neat site called Ratio Finder comes in.

Ratio Finder drags the check-in data from Foursquare and then slings the data onto a city map.

If you’re looking for ladies – head to the places overrun by pink dots. If you’re gagging for a guy – blue dots = sausage fest.

It’s only for San Francisco and New York at the moment.

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