Looking for a Wetherspoon Pub? There’s an App for That

Just what we need in a recession leading up to the festive season.

Renowned purveyor of the penny-pinching pint, JD Wetherspoon, has unleashed an iPhone / iPad app!

So – if you want to hunker down over a boozy beverage in a music-free bar so that you can actually hear each other you could do worse than downloading the Wetherspoon Pub Finder.

Search for a nearby Wetherspoon or Lloyds No. 1 pub by town or postcode and use your GPS to seek out the nearest low-cost libation.

I particularly like the augmented reality mode which lets you follow arrows that appear over your actual surroundings – although that might get a little confusing after pint 5 (GadgetyNews does not condone binge drinking).

You also get a wealth of handy insights such as contact details, opening times, food and drink menus, as well as extra features like tellies and Wi-Fi.

If you like a bit of background to your boozer then the short history bit will be right up your yard-of-ale.

Did you know that The JD Wetherspoon chain was named after Jefferson Davis ‘Boss’ Hogg from Dukes of Hazzard and Mr Wetherspoon, founder Tim Martin’s geography teacher, who reportedly told Martin he’d never amount to anything? Mr Martin is now a multimillionaire and owns more than 700 pubs!

Not so clever now eh Sir? 😉

Stagger over to iTunes and grab the app for free here 🙂

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