London 2012 Olympic Games from Sega

Can’t get tickets to the London 2012 Olympics? Why not take part in the games as a competitor – only minimal training neccessary!

The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games has been confirmed by Sega and will be out, surprise-surprise, next year.

Imaginatively titled London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games the game will offer players an opportunity to participate on their country’s behalf from the comfort of their couch.

So all you sofa sportsmen and women get a whole year to get into shape in time for the game’s release next summer.

The game, which is licensed by International Olympic Committee’s licensee International Sports Multimedia, is due out on Xbox 360 and PS3 and is developed by Sega Studios Australia.

“The London 2012 Olympic Games is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience for many people,” Sega Europe and America’s senior VP of marketing Gary Knight said. “The official video game will give people all over the world the chance to participate in the greatest sporting event on earth from their homes, even if they are thousands of miles away.”

At least the Sega version will be cheaper and less hassle to get than an actual ticket and you wont have to brave the already stress-inducing London Transport system.

Looks like a winner already to me 🙂

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