London gets High Tech LCD Screened Bins – Great Idea or Theft Target?

London smart bins LCD displays RenewLondon has a number of famous icons – the double-decker bus, the black cab, Tower Bridge, BT Tower and soon it will be the home of the “finest sporting facilities” and the most tech-packed bins in the world!

Yup, there’s a whole army of these LCD-equipped Renew Bins hitting the London streets and this will no doubt put this capital city right on the map.

These high tech trash cans are a reworking of the bomb-proof bins I mentioned a few years ago.

The Renew Bins will not only house your garbage but also update pedestrians with travel updates and news. They should also attract sponsorship through advertising as London will be soon inundated by Olympic visitors.

The brainy bins will also double up as mobile hotspots which is a welcome addition and should help deliver Boris’s promise of a totally Wi-Fi enabled capital city.

Currently, about 25 of these bomb-proof twin screened units will be placed around the city and they’re hoping for a sponsor anytime now.

The Renew Bins project cost £30,000, each. Over the 21-year contract, they will cost £500,000, according to a source.

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