London-based Musaic has Sonos streamer in its sights

musaicWhen you start talking about multi-room music streamers the name Sonos is probably your first thought. Well, that could soon change thanks to London-based start-up Musaic.

Musaic is a wireless home music system that promises audiophile-quality sounds as well as having access to over 20,000 internet radio stations. You’ll be able to get tracks from streaming services like Napster, Rhapsody, TuneIn, and others as well as being able to stream tunes from your networked hard drive and DLNA device, too.

Musaic consists of two Music Players – the MP5 (12.4cm H x 34.3cm W x 9.5cm D) and the larger MP10 (14.6 H x 41.2cm W x 11.5cm D) which packs an additional subwoofer.

Using standard Wi-Fi, they stream tunes from almost any device, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, PC, or Mac.

MusaicWi-fi is not the only way you can interact with the Musaic system, if you have friends over that haven’t got access to your wi-Fi, they can beam tracks to both speakers over Bluetooth.

Both the MP5 and MP10 are built from top class components and designed by experts with decades of experience in hi-fi. The digital signal path they use doesn’t compress tracks, so even 24-bit recordings can be played at their full resolution.

Musaic can also play nice with your automated home. That means you’ll be able to dim the lights and play some mood music at the same time. Nice.

Thanks to new smart home tech called AllJoyn, Musaic will be able to communicate with products from big-name brands like LG and Panasonic.

Like Sonos, you can listen to the same song in all rooms, or set up zones with different tracks in each. Perfect for a house party complete with chill-out zone, if you so desire.

Musaic is seeking £60,000 on Kickstarter to become a reality. Its campaign launched yesterday, and has already raised just shy of £11,000 with 31 days still to go.

Check out the Kickstarter video below.

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