London 2012 Olympics Could Be First in 3D

2012_logo_white_385x450Most of Europe is still trying to get a grasp of HD but Sky plans on hitting us with a 3D extravaganza come 2012.

The glorious city that is London is also the host city for the next Summer Olympics if you haven’t heard.

But be prepared for something very different. Brian Lenz, head of product design and innovation at Sky, proclaimed that:

“there is a very good chance you’ll see the London Olympics in 3D.”

The “satcaster” has already confessed to filming events in 3D.

Now, given that the wide distribution of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in HD was the talk of the town I’m guessing (in an “anything you can do, we can do better stylee) that a 3D broadcast is the next logical step forward.

The best thing would to actually have this three-dimesional funkiness with, as Lenz stated, “glasses free technology.”

I wonder whether the people hawking their wares at the next CES will have anything to move us all in this dimension?